Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America. The Bolivian population has many needs and the country is in a phase of reconstruction, the racers humanitarian projects will be helping in this task.

While you are reading these few lines, somewhere in the world, someone is climbing a mountain, descending a river, running in the desert out of breath, trying to overtake the person in front but most of all trying to beat their own previous best.

Among these extreme holiday makers, more and more are opting for events which combine sporting activities and humanitarian actions.
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Since the year 2000, La Boliviana has been helping a population in need.

The teams enjoy a fabulous experience, the development of a humanitarian project, of their choice, with the advice and help of the organization if requested.

Each humanitarian project is presented to a jury, who establish a ranking according to several criteria. The placings determine time bonuses which count towards the overall results of the event.

All projects are welcome, from the most ambitious down to the more modest.
It is the heart that is put into the projects that counts........

Examples of projects carried out on the fourth La Boliviana

- Donation of two operating tables for the children's hospital of La Paz.
- Donation of two fully equipped ambulances and training for the firemen of La Paz.
- Donation of a dental chair to the children's hospital of El Alto.
- Donation of many medical supplies and medical material.
- Gift of more than 25 wheel chairs including 2 electric.
- Help to the farmers of Oruro with their Quinoa plantations.
- Construction of a center for drug addicts, with a budget to run the centre.
- 22 donations of school equipment, and toys in the villages along the route of the race.
- Donation of 85 PCs in 16 schools in villages across the Altiplano and La Paz.
- The doctors of the organization also give their services free in the villages where the race stops over night.

Last year in 2003, the president of the Bolivian Republic met everyone taking part and La Boliviana was declared to be of national Interest.

And this is just a beginning...............

The team captains and the organizers were given honorary citizenship of La Paz by the mayor

A programme of aid to the MIXTO orphanage of La Paz, including 500 Kilos of clothing and toys for the children, and 10 PCs.
A donation of various medicines and medical supplies to hospitals in La Paz.
A donation of 20 PCs as well as school materials and toys for the children to the school in Puerto Perez on the shores of lake
A donation of 200 kits of 'Columbia' sports equipment to the students of the Military College of La Paz.

LES FACOCHERES (Firemen from Mougins)
For the third year running, a donation to the children's hospital of La Paz. This year the materials included two operating stations complete with anaesthetic equipment, hospital linen, physiotherapy materials, 4 wheelchairs, clothes, toys, and 21 PCs. The project totalling one and half tons of material !

ENTEL/Military College (Bolivia)
The construction of a block of 6 toilets (3 for boys and 3 for girls) and a urinal at the Soncachi Grande school in La Paz.
The students of the Military College financed this project themselves by organizing and giving swimming lessons over a period of many weeks.

This ambitious project organized and overseen by Bruno Boilard consisted of three parts:
-1 Medical - where with the assistance of the Rocalli Foundation and the Collaboration on International Heath who identified specific local requirements, they supplied much needed medical supplies and materials.
-2 Educational - with the donation and distribution of school material to the schools in several villages.
-3 Children - with the donation and distribution of sports kits, clothing, and toys to the children in several villages.

VEDIORBIS/C.S.A.G. 06 (Gendarmes from the Alpes Maritimes)
On this their fourth participation (a record) they continued their long term project for the children of the villages of Chicharro, Tiquina, Copacabana, and Suriqui. This year donation comprised school materials and 20 PCs to set up computer rooms. In addition, the Internet connection requested last year was activated and set up to allow direct contact between the Bolivian children and French children in the schools of several of the villages in the hill country behind Nice.

LES MARATHONIENS (Firemen-Marines from Marseilles)
For the fourth year, the project was to help the firemen of La Paz. They donated a third first aid vehicle and a rescue boat for use on lake Titicaca and the rivers. They also supplied 200 fire suits and gave 15 days of training courses in first aid and rescue techniques to the firemen of La Paz.

The chiropodist and posture expert Mougnir Boumedjane gave his time and experience treating allcomers in the villages where the race stopped. The team also distributed toys and childrens clothing in the villages along the route of the race.

LES P' TITES LOUVES (an all female team)
A donation of surgical materials for the dental unit of the hospital of La Paz. The distribution of Signal dental kits and Urgo first aid kits. The donation of school materials for the teachers in the schools of the villages along the route of the race, as well as face-to-face encounters with the children using photos and drawings.

INTERAID (Franco-Belgian taem)
A donation of school furniture for 48 children and 10 PCs for a school in La Paz.

SESAM (Aix-en-Provence)
A donation of 20 wheelchairs to the 'Cuerpo del Christo' foundation, headed by father Sebastian Obermaier a priest of German origin who has been living and working in Bolivia for many years.

A long term programme of help to the SERVIR centre, a home which looks after about 100 young students throughout the year. The project was to open a computer lab to enable the teaching of computer use and maintenance, and to give Internet access to the people in Caranavi, in addition this year 10 PCs.

EUROCOPTER (Franco-German team)
Donations of pharmaceutical products, three wheelchairs, one electric wheelchair, and 10 PCs.

Donations of computer equipment and school materials to various schools along the route of the race.

SSI-STORAGETEK (a scratch team of French and one Bolivian)
Donations of toys and school materials to various schools along the route of the race.

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