The philosophy of la Boliviana is based on team spirit, friendship, help and solidarity, sharing, culture, nature, without forgetting conviviality and feast

The Boliviana, an adventure close to the sky, where some burn their wings. 

In the heart of the Cordillera of the Andes, a multi sports raid  with a humanitarian vocation during 12 days of discovery between 3500 and 5000 m high, where air is rare, where the minds become muddled and where the physical capacities are reduced one third.

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The Boliviana is a real sporty competition and not a touristic trip but any sporty person who uses to run and ride a mountain bike can live the raid on its own pace and enjoy a unique experience.

After five editions, we have realized that the effects due to altitude are not a problem for the competitors and that the human body has a fantastic adaptation capacity.

Come with us and discover a one thousand colors country with its forgotten Incas civilisation in an exceptional atmosphere where the population prepares celebrations with costumes, flowers necklaces and music from Andes with an astounding ending in LA PAZ.

In 2006, the rules are changed...

* the teams are made up of 3 people (2 competitors and 1 replacing assistant) who will have to practise various sporting disciplines over five days of race.

* the teams do not have the obligation to prepare a humanitary mission anymore ,
the organization does it.

* the prices drop: 1000,00 € per person (flights not included).

The race

The race Five stages and of many tests on a course from approximately 250 to 300 km, which alternates several types of grounds.

In 2006, Boliviana will make you discover the new courses of the area of the altiplano with the departure of Copacabana on the banks of the lake Titicaca, of our going by the passes on the royal cordillere of the Andes, the vertiginous descent towards Zongo at the brder of Amazonia to finish by the canyon of Palca in the south of the PAZ, the highest capital of the world.

Run & Bike
Mountain Bike 
Ropes activities 
Orientation race
Balsa de Totora ( Canoë )

Photo prise avec
le télé objectif Swarovski

Balsa of Totora on Titicaca lake

Arrival onCopacabana


The Salar of Uyuni

Tandem on the Salar





The  security is a key point for the organization:
- 6 assistance vehicles
- 2 ambulances
- 3 doctors, 1 physiotherapists, 1 nurse
- 10 French and bolivian firemen who are on hand throught the race.


La road train is moving

Serge Marchand

Maximum monitoring

Arrival in LA PAZ


All along the route of the race, in each of the village, the villagers organize welcoming parties, dress in their traditional costumes with necklaces of flowers, and play typical Andean music. The whole event ends with a breath taking final party in La Paz, that goes all night long.







The structures of the organisation

The logistics is a key point on la Boliviana.
If the lacks can find some solutions easily in our western cities, it is not the same on the Bolivian Altiplano or in the middle of the Salar of Uyuni.

Every day, there are 200 people who move, eat, live…

For this, more than 60 people are working daily, in narrow collaboration during 10 days but there is also 6 people working all year long with more of 3 months of reconnaissance in Bolivia.

Management of the competition:
The organisation is independent and is not affiliated to any sporty federation. The competition has its own sporty rules with a race director, a jury of commissioners, a computer based management of the ranking and a vehicle PC.

The management of the competition is handled by Gilles GAUBERT, director of race, attended by Patrice GRIMARD and 6 race commissioners, 2 flaggers/orienters, a rope team of 6 people.

The security:  
Philippe CORDERO is in charge of this primordial sector for our organization with under his responsibility, not less than 8 vehicles of assistance, 3 ambulances, 3 doctors, 2 physiotherapists, 1 nurse, and 7 French firemen who follow the raid permanently.  
The organization benefits from the logistical and friendly support of the Police and the firemen of 

A bivouac is set up every evening in the Bolivian villages and Eric LACOSTE organisation is providing more than 1000 meals during the race.

Media coverage:
The organisation is providing daily coverage of the race through its own video production, photos and journalist with a daily update on the Internet but is also delivering all these Medias free of charge to any interested media. This is under the responsibility of Jean-François JOBERT (assisted by Miguel FLORES regarding Bolivian Medias). Jean-Francois JOBERT also insures the follow up of the teams.

Bolivia, assisted by Sylvain SCOCCIA in France are supervising the needs and the means in the domain of the humanitarian. Their work consists to reference the needs, to coordinate the actions in coordination with the local authorities but also to help the teams on the humanitarian projects.

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